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Cyberattacks continued growth in advanced threats to be on the rise, Hacktivism had a wider ground in 2012, complicated targeted attacks on big organizations are no longer an easy task to defend against and Social Networks became a resource for data leakage and gathering the required information to establish a targeted attacks.

Here, we are listing the top 21 cyberattacks happened in 2012:

Dec-12: Nationwide Insurance data breach affects 1.1 million people

The Nationwide Mutual Insurance went public on Oct. 3 break-in of a computer network also used by Allied Insurance. Data stolen from the insurers included names, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and birth dates.

Nov-12: Anonymous leaks VMware ESX Server Kernel source code

A new batch of stolen source code for VMware ESX, the company's enterprise-level virtualization product, has been posted to the Internet.

Oct-12: Hackers steal Barnes & Noble credit card numbers

Hackers have breached more than 60 Barnes & Noble stores and downloaded vast amounts of credit card data


Sept-12: AntiSec claims to have snatched 12M Apple device IDs from FBI

Hacking group posts 1 million of the identifiers to the Web after allegedly lifting the data from an agent's laptop. Apple has said that it did not give the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation any device identity codes of its iPhone and iPad users.

Sept-12: ARAMCO – The Biggest Oil and Gas Company Worldwide

A cyberattack against it in August that damaged some 30,000 computers was aimed at stopping oil and gas production in Saudi Arabia.

Oil and Gas giants suffered from serious cyber attacks this year

Aug-12: Natural gas giant RasGas targeted in cyber attack

A mystery virus has infected the network of Qatar's natural gas pumper RasGas, prompting bosses to pull the plug on the biz's internet connection. Office systems have been unusable since the malware struck on 27 August.


The flame

May-12: The Flame Targets Middle East Banks and Entities

The virus targets specific banks in Middle East specially Iran and Lebanon, although discovered only in May 2012 traces as far back as 2010, mentioned by Kaspersky LAB Virus List.

Apr-12: Defense contracts stolen from a Chinese Website

Anonymous has turned its attention to the human rights struggle in China, hacking and defacing hundreds of government and commercial Web sites in that country, Anonymous posted thousands of internal documents claimed to be associated with the Chinese government.


Mar-12: $13 Million Theft from FIS – Largest Cards Processor

After breaking into FIS's network and gaining access to the company's database, a group of criminals obtained 22 legitimate ATM cards which lead to steal $13M.


Mar-12: 1.5M Credit Cards Accounts exported from Global Payments

Hackers managed to steal “export” 1.5 million credit cards from a payments processing services company “Global Payments”, the initial stolen number of cards was around 10M then the company confirmed it’s less than 1.5M. Master card and VISA alerted the card issuing banks about the breach.


Mar-12: More than $10 million was lost from Bank of America

A Bank of America employee leaked customer information to members of an identity theft ring, more than $10M was lost.  Bank of American suffered a DDOS attacks later in 2012 as well.


Feb-12: Stratfor hacked, Anonymous hands emails to Wikileaks

Anonymous successfully swiped around 5M emails from Stratfor, a private U.S. intelligence firm


Jan-12: Symantec - Norton Source Code leaked Early this year

As Symantec finally confirmed after years of keeping their customers in the dark unaware of the situation, source code for many Norton products already leaked by Anonymous group and affiliated groups as well, the problem Symantec expects that Anonymous to publish more stolen source code.



Social Networks Breaches!!


Dec-12: Hackers claim 8,600 accounts infected in major in Tumblr compromise


Nov-12: Skype massive security flaw allows accounts’ breach


Aug-12: Dropbox’s employee account breach allowed huge spam on users.


July-12: Yahoo! Voices Website Breached 400,000+ Compromised


July-12: Formspring resets millions of passwords amid breach


Jun-12: suffered massive password breach


Jun-12: LinkedIn: Hashed Passwords Breached, Nearly 6.5 Million May Have Been Compromised


Jun-12: Hackers Leak 1.5 Million eHarmony Passwords





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