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  RSA is going to release the new version of Authenticaiton Manager v8, RSA SecurID and Authentication Manager is the main player in the area of tokens and Two Factor Authentication for a long time, still even after the breach, RSA SecurID demonstrates outstanding growth and enjoys ~70% market share**, over 40 million authenticators world-wide used and just won “The Best Authentication Product” by SearchSecurity for 2012. 

RSA just announced good news about RSA SecurID and Authentication Manager Products, RSA new version for Authentication Manager “v8” will be released within H1 – 2013 and it will include unique essential features to provide greater protection to IT infrastructures and environments and also minimizes TCO.

In total, the new version includes around 40 new features that lowers the cost of ownership TCO, adds the flexibility of RBA – Risk Based Authentication and special support for virtual environments, here’s a summarization for the first look on version 8 of RSA Authentication Manager:

Risk Based Authentication:

Risk based Authentication provides greater flexibility and protection through multi-factor authentication techniques that depends on measuring a series of risk indicators behind-the-scenes to assure user identities, the system will offer the choice of using RBA or SMS in a single authentication method.

Virtual Environments

The new version will include a VMware Virtual Appliance that will allow taking advantage of VMware ESX and ESXi virtualization in your organization. The virtual appliance is already certificated VMware Ready and will entitle the system to get benefit from all the Virtualized Environments’ benefits.

Enhanced Console

The console will includes new features such as:

  • New user dashboard that provides a convenient single-pane view for administrators.
  • Mobile Platform Profiles, which allows rapid deployment of RSA SecurID Software Authenticators.
  • Consolidated System Settings that reduces system management time
  • Scheduled backups and critical system notification

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