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This chapter of Project Time Management covers managing the project’s time through the Planning and Monitoring & Control processes, this includes defining activities, estimating durations and developing schedule through the planning process, and control schedule during the monitoring and control process. The presentation is focusing on the information you must understand carefully and exam tips and tricks.

The presentation of Chapter 4 covers the Project Time Management that includes:

  • Creating Schedule Management Plan and define Scheduling
  • Define Activities Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs
  • Sequence Activities and specify the logical relationships and dependencies.
  • PDM: Precedence Diagramming Method (AON)
  • Estimate Activity Resources, specify requirements and breakdown structure.
  • Estimate durations using estimation tools and techniques (One Point Estimates, Analogous Estimating, Parametric Estimating, Heuristics, Three Points Estimates – PERT, Reserve Analysis).
  • Developing schedule using tools and techniques
  • Control schedule during the monitoring and controlling process.

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  • Links of previous presentations are available under “Project Management” menu item.
  • The presentations created during my study for PMP, 4th Edition
  • I used many references such as PMPOK, Project Management various articles, Rita Exam Preparation and many audio, video and other sources
  • This series “PMP – Exam Preparation Presentations” and this article are as any other content on is under CC – Creative Commons License – Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported, please refer to this link for more information and description.


Download the presentation from the following file:


Download this file (PMP-CH04-Time-Mgmt.pdf)Chapter 4 - Project Time Management[Chapter 4 - Project Time Management - Project Management Professional - Exam Preparation Presentations that includes tips and tricks on how to study PMP certification and pass the exam.]978 kB
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